Brush, 3KW, 2-bearing: Item number 001-ST03000 Click on the for more information. $325.00   Brush, 5KW, 2-bearing: Item number 001-ST05000 Click on the for more information. $405.00   Brush, 7.5KW, 2-bearing: Item number 001-ST07500           Click on the for more information. $454.00   Brush, 10KW, 2-bearing: Item number 001-ST10000 Click on the for more information. $505.00
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All of our generators are 4-pole units; which means they run at 1800 RPM. We carry brush and brushless units. Click on the pictures below or use the menu bar for more information. Some items have more information with it. Those that do have the        icon in the box.
  Brush, 12KW, 2-bearing: Item number 001-ST12000 Click on the for more information. $564.00 Out of Stock  Brush, 15KW, 2-bearing: Item number 001-ST15000 Click on the for more information. $745.00
Brush, 20KW, 2-bearing: Item number 001-ST20000 Click on the for more information. $795.00   Brush, 24KW, 2-bearing: Item number 001-ST24000 Click on the for more information. $850.00 Out of Stock
A few notes on the ST generators listed here These can be BLUE or GREEN There are NO electrical outlets on these units The units DO NOT provide any DC output
GENERATOR SHIPPING ON THIS PAGE IS TO LOCATIONS IN THE LOWER 48 STATES ONLY The advertised shipping price is for pick up at OUR contracted truck terminal or delivery to a business within city limits. The business must have a means to download the generator or incur a lift gate fee. Businesses, according to trucking companies, CANNOT be (but not limited to) a farm, home based business, military installation, or college. Delivery to these types of places or home delivery will be about $60 to $100 or maybe more than the advertised price. If there are any questions as to the contracted terminal location or any other questions about shipping, please call or e-mail before ordering. If ordering a generator, your name and telephone number are required before item can be processed. Please ensure the information is provided. If shipping is needed elsewhere, please e-mail us at for quotes.
Savings on shipping when purchasing from our website or by telephone for brush units (limitations apply):